How an MBA coach could help you get into a TOP MBA program

Most sports movies have one common theme. The highly motivated, hard-working elite athlete training diligently under the watchful eye of the high-performance coach. They combine hard work and smart strategies and manage to conquer all obstacles to achieve their goal. The coach cannot perform on behalf of the athlete. The athlete needs to do that on their own. But the coach helps to not only define the high-level strategy but also refine tactics. The coach acts as a motivator-in-chief to the athlete who overcomes all hurdles and achieves their ultimate ambition.

A similar analogy may be applied to an MBA aspirant and an MBA coach. Business school applications, especially for elite schools, are very competitive. Business schools receive large numbers of high-quality applications from highly accomplished individuals. Applicants need to put their best foot forward to stand out in a crowded field of overachievers.

An experienced eye
The MBA admissions process is holistic. The MBA attracts applicants of high caliber. There is often little to separate them when looking purely at numbers. Acing the GMAT or having a stellar undergraduate GPA will only take you so far if your extracurricular activities are not up to the mark. A seasoned MBA coach will identify any perceived weaknesses in your profile and suggest remedies.

A Sounding Board
High potential candidates have a bias to action. They dive into every task with enthusiasm in the belief that hard work will solve all issues. However, working smart is just as important as working hard. It all starts with intense brainstorming sessions. Identifying which stories to tell and which ones to leave out.

Administering Tough love
If there is bad news to be had, better get it out of the way in the beginning. Perhaps your dream school is not the right fit for you. Maybe your score isn’t good enough. Perhaps, the stories you are most proud of aren’t really that unique or special. Perhaps, you need to improve on your GMAT score. These are just a few examples. The list of things that can go wrong in an application is very long. As an applicant, you need someone who can look at the big picture and tell you what you need to hear.

Avoiding rookie errors
First-time applicants have a ton of commonly asked questions that a good MBA consultant can address immediately. Yes, you can fit everything on your CV within a single page. No, you cannot ghostwrite your recommendation letters. Even though English is not your native language, you are still expected to submit essays free from basic orthographic errors. And NO, you cannot exceed the word count. . Coaches who have seen it all help candidates save time and avoid such basic mistakes.

An MBA coach cannot perform on your behalf. Instead, the coach serves as a guide and mentor who identifies blind spots and successfully helps the candidate navigate choppy waters.

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